Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

Today’s metrosexual, cosmopolitan and fashion forward man would have no qualms in admitting that what is equally important to him as his manly image is being stylish. He wants to be updated with what’s latest in fashion, what’s hot and not. So here’s a chance for the men folk to spice up their wardrobe with the latest trends, colors and style all at once. Read on as we take you on a fashion tour to enlighten you of the top 10 fashion and style tips for men.

1. Suit up! Nail the Coat & Tie Look. This gentlemen’s look is perfect for another office day, and coupled with right trousers, crisp shirt with cufflinks, even more perfect for a day full of business meetings.

2. The ripped denims with tee look can never go out of fashion. If you’re looking to play around with the look a little bit, wear slippers in funky colors and a square-shaped scarf tied around in style!

3. Color is not just meant to be a little something we see splashed around in a woman’s closet. Now men can play with it too. Be it coats, jackets, shirts or pants, go for colors like red, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow etc. But yes, running around the trees looking like a goon is not on the agenda. Match colors properly with classic dark shades!

4. Make people notice that whenever you enter a room, you come with a bag. There are several options available in colors, designs, cuts and styles when it comes to men’s bags. Briefcases, duffle bags, laptop bags, sling bags, backpacks… phewww!!! The list is endless.

5. A man is known by the shoes he wears. Wear well fitted, polished and good-looking shoes whatever be the occasion. There’s nothing more that suits a man than formal shoes. There are a range of brands that offer formal shoes. Apart from that, there a plethora of options in sports shoes, sneakers, sandals,boots etc.

6. A good smelling man is the most attractive man in the world. Every man has his own signature fragrance and make sure you know yours and leave behind a trail of fresh air as you walk into a room.

7. Accessorize it right! If a man know how to get his watch, sunglasses, belt, tie, cufflinks, wallet etc. right, then the look is right. Of course you have to know how much is too much. If you want to wear it all at once, you can look stylish only if you mix and match well. So it’s better to keep it understated!

8. For the fall season, tie a scarf around and keep away the harsh winds away while you look oh-so-good. Scarves work well for both the casual and formal when tied up and teamed properly. Avoid flashy colors.

9. Men’s jewelry has been doing the rounds in the fashion circuit for a while now and refuses to leave. The daring man of today is completely secure of his masculinity, so the occasional earrings, bracelets, rings, chains etc. happens.

10. Traditional wear on men looks undoubtedly sexy. Try brands like Fab India, Yell, Earthy Hues and more for that handsome ethnic look.

Sure going with the flow is important but your fashion sense should reflect your own personal style as well. Then the comfort factor should be as high as the X-factor. After all, how confidently you carry your clothing is also important. And don’t fret, you don’t have to hop between 10 shops to gather all the fashion essentials. Log on to any online store which becomes your one-stop shop for all types of men’s clothes and accessories, not just for men and women but kids as well. So hurry up and grab the piece that suits you best, before someone else does.

Yoga Clothing 101 – The Basic Rundown

The fashion industry has a new genre of clothing, thanks to the increase in the popularity of yoga. Yoga clothes have developed into a market that creates and manufactures clothing and accessories of many sizes, shapes and colors for yoga participants.

Comfort, style and functionality are the names of the game when it comes to the new clothing available for yoga wear. Whether yoga is done at home, in a class setting, in a group in the park or all alone proper apparel is an important part of the practice. As yoga can be beneficial to people of all different ages, body types, experience levels and health levels, yoga clothes have been able to follow suit and attire bodies of various shape and size successfully.

Comfortable and non-binding clothes are an extremely important feature of yoga clothes, but there are many other variables to keep in mind when looking for yoga clothing. All yoga clothes should be comfortable on every level first and foremost. They should never be uncomfortable due to any part of the styling, weight, or cut of the fabric. Another important consideration is that the yoga clothes grant freedom of movement in any pose that one might achieve. The fit of the apparel when in motion is of equal importance. An uncomfortable level of exposure in certain yoga positions may not be noticed when a person is seated or simply standing.

Durability is a must, with clothes that are strong enough to withstand all the stretching and washing that will be required. Larger busted women must give careful consideration to purchasing bras and tops that provide great support but remain comfortable and non-restricting. Lastly, when choosing yoga clothes a person ought to express their own sense of style and buy yoga clothes that express their own personality. A premise of yoga is that it is about how you feel more than how you look.

Yoga tops are made in many styles and patterns, colors and prints. They are generally form fitting, which allows for form checks. A top should be snug enough to keep it from slipping over a persons face when practicing inverted positions. Camisoles, long sleeved and short-sleeved yoga shirts are all options from which to choose. The pants worn during yoga are usually made of stretchable, lightweight material that moves with the body, are usually in grey or black, and can be full length or cropped. While traditionally yoga is a barefoot endeavor, recently yoga shoes have become popular. Yoga shoes are usually very flexible and come in different colors, sizes and styles. Barefoot is still presumed to be the best (and to some, the only) way to practice yoga, as it allows for better balance and grip when ones toes are given freedom.